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Group Workshops

We believe in the Power of the Group to unleash each participant's full potential!

AnGel Coaching Int. helps you find your balance & choose the way you want to live your life!

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Your Potential

2-day   Amsterdam, De Groene Hemel

23-24 March 2024

Through coaching and movement and a combination of mindfulness and self-compassion, become more aware and embrace who you are, clarify your life vision and take action towards it.

Join us for this 2-day unique experience to unleash your potential, spread your wings and move towards living your dreams.



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Your ID

2 hours   Online

Back in 2024

When we get caught up in the rush of everyday life, it is easy to forget where we came from and what shaped us. Yet, our social context strongly impacts us in who we are and how we deal with the challenges on our path.


Join this workshop about grounding your identity, connecting with yourself and understanding others.



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Wholesome Leadership

2 hours   Online

Back in 2024

We created Wholesome Leadership because we have seen the magic movement, body sensations and posture can do during our coaching sessions. So we decided to share it with a larger audience. Because the world needs more Wholesome Leaders like you!



Join this workshop to experience the power of an Embodied Leadership




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